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Esk Valley Church

Welcome to Esk Valley Church. We are a gathering of ordinary people who are discovering what it means to be followers of Jesus Christ. We are here to help other people do the same. If we were to sum up the vision of Esk Valley, it would be that we’re here to know and make known the amazing gospel of Jesus Christ. If you have any questions about the church, you can get in touch here.

Esk Valley was planted by Tom Muir. Tom is married to Sharlene, and they have a couple of young kids: Clemence & Sam. EVC is a part of the Free Church of Scotland, and has partnerships with generation - the Free Church mission agency, and the City to City church planting network.


Sundays @ 3.30pm

Kids church and creche during service.


The Steading

Carnethie Street, Rosewell, EH24 9AA
(How to get there)


We have four main strands that accompany and help flesh out this vision.


Humans were made to know and worship God. Often we ignore this, and set up all kinds of other things as our deepest loves and priorities. Christians worship God because He has loved us so much in the gospel.


Being a Christian is a dynamic experience of knowing and becoming more like Jesus. It’s not just a badge we wear or set of rules. It’s so much more!


We are compelled to serve, because Jesus served us. He did this primarily by giving his life on the cross. As we follow Him we should shed our natural selfishness, and as individuals and community become more helpful, selfless and loving.


The gospel is so life-changing we want to tell it to others. We also want to support & encourage each other as we do this, and make it a natural part of our community life.


Tom Muir

The Lord's Prayer

9th July 2023

Series: Oneshots

Matthew 6:1-15

Tom Muir

Romans Part 13

28th May 2023

Series: Romans 2023

Revelation 21:3-5

Revelation 22:7-7

Romans 8:18-30

Tom Muir

Romans Part 12

14th May 2023

Series: Romans 2023

Romans 7:12-25

Isaiah 6:1-7

Tom Muir

Romans Part 11

7th May 2023

Series: Romans 2023

Romans 7:1-12

Tom Muir

Romans Part 10

30th April 2023

Series: Romans 2023

Romans 6:1-22

John 16:5-15

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Sundays & Community

We meet at 3.30pm to worship God. We sing, someone will lead in prayer, will read from the bible, and give a talk explaining what it means and how it's relevant. We will sometimes also hear something about what's-on in the life of the church.


We are a family-friendly church. We run a creche for 0-3's, and classes for our primary through early secondary age kids. Our kids will stay in for the first songs & prayers of the service, and then head off. We like them to feel a part of the Sunday worship.

Our service is designed to focus us on who God is and what he is like. We spend just over an hour in our service, and then have coffee. That's a good time to get to know each other.

Weekly community

As well as Sunday, we place high value on our various community groups. These are designed to help people enjoy deep friendship, to grow in understanding the relevance of Jesus in our lives, and to share our joys and sorrows together.

As a church we put a lot of value on hospitality & fellowship. We are interested in finding ways we can be good neighbours and friends, and also how we can connect meaningfully to our communities and serve people at their various points of need. If you would like to be a part, we'd love to meet you.